Sunday, April 10, 2016

Koozie Kollection DIY

A couple weeks ago, I found myself drowning in Koozies. 
From sporting events, to rep packages, to birthday gifts, I have koozies from every place imaginable. 

My roommate Kat found a cute way to display koozies from Pinterest.
We did this Pinterest-worthy DIY project in about 10 minutes (which is the perfect study break).

-Painter's tape

If you're looking for koozies, you can find a ton here
(Use code: MORGAN for 15% off)

Rope or twine can be found at Michaels and any thickness should work.
Make sure you use painter's tape if you live in a dorm! It won't pull the paint off the wall. 
We used a white colored painter's tape so that it would blend in with the color of the wall.
Last supply that you need is clothespins! I found mini ones at Michaels.

1) Collect Koozies, gather supplies, and lay the Koozies out in the order you want them to be displayed in. We chose to color-coordinate in a rainbow theme. 
2) Tape up the twine. Make sure that the twine is taped well on the ends and at several parts throughout the line for support. 
 This is very important; if it isn't supported well, then it will fall down.

3) Begin hanging Koozies with clothespins. We pinned one side of the koozie to the twine. 
Make sure to carefully put them up so you don't pull the twine down! 

4) Take pictures! 
Upload the pictures in the comments so I can see how cute your koozie kollection DIY turned out! 

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